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PT OMRON Electronics Jakarta

PT OMRON Electronics Jakarta  (OEP-ID)

Graha Pratama 3A Floor, 
JL M.T. Haryono Kav.15, 
Jakarta Selantan Indonesia 12810.
 TEL: 62-21-8370-9555 
FAX 62-21-8370-9550 

Sales PT OMRON Electronics Jakarta  (OEP-ID)

A pioneer in factory automation, OMRON offers global support for innovative production in response to the universal manufacturing needs of quality, safety and environmental conservation.

Our control equipment and factory automation (FA) systems business provides over 100,000 distinct products, including FA controllers, sensors, switches, relays and safety devices, that help production sites achieve improved productivity.

OMRON holds the number one market share (40%) of control and sensing devices in Japan. We also operate in 80 countries around the world, centering on Europe, North America, China and the Asia Pacific region.

In recent years, we have been concentrating on the solutions business, which solves management problems on diverse production sites. Centering on the themes of quality, safety and the environment, we support manufacturing innovation worldwide with our unique sensing and control technologies.

Sales PT OMRON Electronics Jakarta  (OEP-ID)