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Company Vision
Primary objectives and management philosophy that constantly drives us to exceed our visions.
  • To be recognised as the leader in the digital imaging domains
  • To continue our pursuit for technological breakthroughs based on the concept of Digital Image Innovation which encompasses four major groups: Imaging on Paper (printers and other imaging products), Imaging on Screen (home & office multimedia projectors and other visual imaging equipment), Imaging on Support Devices (displays, semiconductors, optical devices, quarts devices, mechatronics) and Imaging on Glass (mobile displays)to expand our presence in both the office and the industrial/vertical markets
  • To maintain our leader position in the minds of personal digital image users
  • To strengthen our continual effort and long-term commitment to environmental conservation
By placing our customers first, our fundamental objective is to create true value for our users. We intend to achieve this through the continuous redefinition and reinforcement of our product portfolio, by being cost-effective and by strengthening our corporate culture of creativity and challenge.
This should support our global aim to increase revenue and profit, whilst contributing to society.